SWOT analysis of Apple

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SWOT analysis of Apple Strengths Apple is a very strong and successful brand which is strongly recognized all over the world. Apple has very strong marketing skills which is a big part of the success of their product. Apple has strong research and development skills which permit to the company to make successful and very creative products like for example Ipod. Besides, Apple has always been perceived different from the rest of its competitors because of the fact that they really stress on the innovation and the improvement their product. In fact, Apple offers unique products that perform differently than the products produced by their competitors. Weaknesses The main weakness of Apple is that they are competing in a market that is oversaturated with computer companies. In fact, Apple is up against Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft, as well as other private computer and IT companies with only 6% of market share in the PC’s market. Apple also produces a product that is not readily compatible with a lot of the software programs on the market. Finally Apple is not producing a net income that is as high as any of its main competitors due to its small market share in the pc market. Opportunities Target pc users who represent about 95 % of the market. In fact, many users of Ipod are Pc owner. As they are satisfy in the most cases with their Ipod, it could bring them to switch toward the Apple’s technology especially with Apple’s computer (macs) Apple has the opportunity to develop its iTunes and music player technology into many different formats (movie) Threats Many new competitors in the digital music players market (Microsoft Zune) Price wars with competitors High level of product substitution Anti-competition lawsuit regarding Itunes Backlash from

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