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SWOT Analysis DeVry University La Quinta Inn & Suites is one of the largest owner-operated hotel chains in the United States. La Quinta, which means "a mountain villa" in Spanish, started in 1968 during San Antonio’s Texas world’s fair. Entrepreneur brothers Sam and Phil Barshop built the first La Quinta Inn. La Quinta started out as being geared to the average business man and tried to accommodate their needs as they were away from home. The brothers did not strive to entertain transient guests because their competitors were trying to do the exact same. La Quinta’s motto worked toward providing its guests with clean and comfortable rooms at affordable prices. La Quinta Inn was able to increase a substantial number of repeat guests by sticking to their policies and accommodating to business guest (Press, 2014). La Quinta Inn & Suites mission statement is At La Quinta, our purpose is to provide a refreshing and engaging environment that builds long-lasting, valuable relationships with employees, guests and owners. Together, our purpose and core values form the foundation of who we are and what we do (About Us: Our Company, 2015) One weakness of the La Quinta Inn and Suites is it limitations in the international market. Currently there are no corporate or a franchise in foreign countries because of this it limits our reservation potential. The brand name is not known in foreign countries therefore international guests are skeptical of our brand. La Quinta corporate can limit this weakness by advertising in international countries. At least if there is a brand presence without there actually being a physical property can help foreigners know who La Quinta is what they stand for in the lodging industry. One of the strengths of La Quinta Inn and Suites is its usefulness of the average business client. The

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