Swot Analisys Of Boutique Hotels Essay

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T – Boutique Hotels – Situation Analysis Strengths of Boutique Hotels Boutique hotels are known for unique designs and décor. Creating a unique atmosphere with colours and textures allow you to find strength in design, where most big chain hotels are providing generic styles and typically use neutral colours. Boutique hotels on the other hand can go more couture and or maybe a little flamboyant with bold colours and textures. The consumer and target market for boutique hotels would normally find themselves in megacities filled with culture or in exotic places void of your everyday normalities. Being a boutique hotel in a city center in the heart of it all would appeal to your target consumer whose looking to be part of it all. These consumers will find your location a key factor in deciding to stay with you. A consumer who’s looking to get away from everything doesn’t have too many options. These resort boutique hotels are fewer and farer between, however provide solitude and a lack of connection to the outside world. Travellers to these locations will seek the perfect destination, one that only a boutique hotel could offer. Exceptional customer experience is the top of the priority list for boutique hotels. This is one of the main benefits of staying at a boutique hotel. An unmatched, un-paralleled consumer experienced that one could not acquire staying in a big chain. This type of service is ultimately desirable and a huge selling feature. Some of the amenities that a boutique hotel would offer are far beyond your typical. Extra perks in accommodations can range from specific snacks in your room, your sheets folded a certain way, specific high end electronics like flat screens and wireless internet. These extra amenities make boutique hotels a much more desirable location. Weaknesses of Boutique Hotels Owning a boutique hotel would require a lot more

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