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Business Analysis The best way to look at the development of a company is through a strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis. It provides information regarding the positive and negative factors of the company. Organizational leaders often perform SWOT analysis, which measures a business’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (Nickels, McHugh, &McHugh, 2010) These factors are consider inconsistent at times, and give the organization the opportunity to identify areas for improvement and advancement. These strategic techniques develop a picture of any business, health organization, and personal growth. Businesses rely on business analysis to form a strategic plan regarding the company. Taking on the role of a mutual fund manager, a business analysis will be completed for Apple Incorporate. This analysis will help determine, if Apple is a stable investment and a detailed inventory of the company’s internal strength and weakness with its external opportunities and threats. Identification of the company stakeholders, their wants, and needs will identify how Apple meets the needs of its constituents. The decision to invest in a company is not based on financial statement or report of a business. It should include a careful analysis of a business’s ownership structure, customers, products, reputation, competitors, and stakeholders. Completion of this analysis will determine if the decision to invest Apple’s company is worth investing. Apple incorporation is consider a top fortune 500 club member, it organization products line range from personal computer, media devices, and portable digital music players. The company also sells a software, networking solutions, and digital application. It is a brand well known by consumer for the development of the iPhone and iPad. Apple has a competitive edge over local and global

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