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Exercise 5: Hewlett Packard- Formulate strategy (SWOT Analysis & SPACE Matrix) SWOT Matrix | Helpful | Harmful | Internal origin | Strengths * Strong market position * Prominent brand name * Strategic acquisition * In house development of software and hardware * Green technology by managing aging and unwanted computers | Weaknesses * High leverage * Flaw in product design * Weak market segment integration * Weak financial position which is evidenced by massive pay cut | External origin | Opportunities * Expanding presence in cloud computing market * Expanding portfolio of imaging and printing solutions | Threats * Projected decreases in the IT market. * Hyper-competitive environment. * Less control of global market | (London Roah North End Portsmouth, -) Strengths- 1. Strong market position According to businessdictionary.com, strong market position is defined as an effort to influence consumer perception of a brand or product relative to the perception of competing brands or products. Its objective is to occupy a clear, unique, and advantageous position in the consumer’s mind. Hewlett-package’s strong market position can be seen when HP led Dell over 17% of the PC market while Dell settled for second at 14% in 2008. Besides that, HP dominated the global printer market by its 40% market share. In 2008, Ho took a major step in strengthening its position in the IT services market by acquiring EDS. (London Roah North End Portsmouth, -) 2. Prominent brand name recognition Hewlett Packard knew the importance of branding towards the success of HP. In the late nineties, it began to shift its image to encompass more than just the business to business segment making adjustments to increase its presence in the consumer market as well. (London Roah North End Portsmouth, -)A branding launching called “one voice” is initiated

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