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Smarter way towards a bright future. Solarization Welfare Organization(SWO) Organizational Profile Reg No. PCSW(S) 1292 Profile PREAMBLE: 2013 Solarization Welfare Organization (SWO) is a youth Non Government Organization (NGO) registered on March 2012 under the voluntary social welfare agencies (Registration and control) ordinance 1961 (XL VI of 1961); Registration No. PCSW(S) 1292. The NGO is focusing its sphere in solar energy and is founded on ideology of helping the poor and needy ones and saving environment which tends to improve the society. Since we believe that every individual in Pakistan has equal right to the necessities of life, electricity being one of them. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: We plan to build up the concept of sustainability via clean electricity and conservation specially focusing to Solar energy. The aims and objectives of the venture include:      Educate the people of Pakistan about the solar energy. Empower the individuals by providing solar technology Electrify the villages of rural areas of Pakistan via solar energy Increase energy efficiency; the more we save the more we grow. Build a green Pakistan for today and our future generation by encouraging the use of solar-powered equipment. Working Strategy: The working of swo is divided in two main categories   Awareness Section Development Section Copyright © 2013 Solarization Welfare Organization. All rights reserved. Profile Awareness Section The awareness section is for the general public. We provide awareness to different sectors of this society. ISSUES 2013 Awareness regarding the sustainability is necessary to the masses, without this our nation can’t move forward. We are focusing to SOLUTION: Initiatives:    Pledging Campaign Green future School Campaign Environmental Days Celebrations o PLEDGING CAMPAIGN Pledge to save the

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