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Swine Flu Essay

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Development of Swine Flu Vaccine
Thesis: The swine flu vaccine should be improved by overcoming its disadvantages such as expense, side effects and length of the production process.

I. Requiring a high cost to produce
    A. Manufacturing the cure in eggs
    B. “Building a new plant”
    C. Acquiring numerous eggs
    D. Supplying the bulk vaccine
    E. Making vaccine in vast quantities
    F. Marketing the vaccine

II. Side effects
  A. Unknown side effects
  B. Effects of inactivated-whole virus
  C. Gullain Barre syndrome
  D. Cases in Sweden
  E. Shivering
  F. An occurence in U.S.
  G. Common systemic side effects

III. Long-taking process
A. Producing with a faster method
B. Providing the vaccine in large quantities
C. Involving 9 months
D. Marketing the vaccine
E. Growing multitudinous eggs
F. Testing the side effects
G. Using individual cells

Swine flu is a respiratory virus of pigs which was first identified in 1918 and although historic diffusion to human beings has been sporadic, the infection rate in humans is intensifying at present. Earlier in 2009 the virus has spread rapidly by human to human contact after the initial outbreak in Mexico and has become a pandemic. As the swine influenza virus is a mutated new virus, no swine flu vaccine was immediately available to prevent infections. As a result of the studies, a vaccine has been developed and the first doses are delivered. With the swine flu scare, many people are choosing to get the swine flu vaccine for themselves and their children, although there is no evidence that flu vaccines are effective or safe. Before accepting to get the shot people should ask themselves, is the flu vaccine really right choice? What factors should they consider before making the decision? Also the researches to upgrade the vaccine should proceed. As a result, the swine flu vaccine should be improved by overcoming its disadvantages such as expense, side effects and long...

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