Sweetheart Of The Song Tar Bong Analysis

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Sweetheart of the Song Tar Bong Introduction Vietnam is a place of strange stories, stories that are true and some not so true. Imagination is a big part of the exaggeration and overstatements of facts you observe when telling a story like this one. “It can happen,” Sanders said “nobody ships his honey over to Nam it doesn’t ring true. I mean, you just can’t import your own personal poontang” (O’Brien, Pg. 86). A young medic by the name of Mark Fossie kept coming back to the subject, that you could actually do it. “You know. Bring in a girl. I mean what the problem?” Rat shrugged. “Nothing. A war” (O’Brien, Pg. 89. Although Maryanne arrives in Vietnam full of innocence, she gains respect for death and darkness of the jungle and…show more content…
Later Maryanne became curious and a fast learner, she picked up on the Vietnamese language and learned how to cook quickly. She did not seem to be afraid of anything or anyone. Maryanne started tending to the injured and helping out the medics no matter how bad things were. Fossie becomes disappointed in Maryanne’s behavior and decides she should go home. Maryanne argues that she is content staying, and she wants to make plans to travel before she and Fossie get married. Eventually Maryanne becomes quiet and subdued toward Fossie and he asked her what was wrong. “Really nothing. To tell the truth, I’ve never been happier in my whole life. Never” (O’Brien, Pg. 95). Maryanne begins to stay out a lot, and one night she goes missing. Fossie discovers she has been out all night on an ambush. Fossie and Maryanne exchange words and become officially engaged, but over the next several nights a strain is put on their relationship. Fossie makes arrangements to send her home. Maryanne is not pleased with the prospect of going home, so she becomes withdrawn, and eventually…show more content…
She has a total uncertainty of war that is different from Fossie. Her feeling that she has nothing to lose saves further oppression back in Ohio and allows her to avoid a life that she thought was inevitable, and joins the Green Berets to break out of her gender norms. Embraced by the tongues and surrounded by other tribal symbols, Maryanne defends herself against Fossie’s horror. She make a distinction between Fossie and his fellow soldiers who are in Vietnam because they have to be and other like her have a greater respect for the land. She has grown fearless that Vietnam will consume her. “And then one morning, all alone, Maryanne walked off into the mountains and did not come back” (O’Brien, Pg.110). Maryanne Bell joined the missing. The story did not end there, Maryanne was still out there somewhere in the

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