Sweet Smell Of Morning

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Sweet Smell of Morning My feet pound on the pavement as I slither through the winding path like a snake. This is a typical morning. I start my day with a morning run through a secluded path. All alone, I run through the barely illuminated trail listening to the whistling of the birds. The cool morning breeze chills my face. I can smell the morning dew. As I pause to catch my breath, I look around. Autumn has overcome this place. There are leaves everywhere in beautiful shades of orange, red,and brown. The change of seasons means that soon I will have to take my morning runs from the beautiful trail to a treadmill. Most mornings, like this morning, I have to pry myself out of bed. I weigh my options: sleep or run. I choose to run. It is an abnormally chilly morning. The morning dew has engulfed my car, and I need to blast the heat to see through the windshield. Pulling out of my driveway, I make sure to keep my headlights off, so I do not disturb anyone sleeping in my house. As I drive the few miles to the park, I barely see any signs of life. There is no one on the road, no lights on in any houses. I feel alone. Arriving at the park, I drive through the parking lot and realize there is still no one around. I stop at the end, where the parking lot dead ends. There, faintly in the dark, I see the very familiar break in the trees that is the entrance to the path. I turn off my car and open the door. I trade the warmth that the car provided me with the chilling air. In preparation for my run, I stretch my legs. My muscles are tense because my body knows what it is about to embark on. I take a deep breath as I launch off the pavement. I can hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet with every step I take. My arms swing next to me in rhythm with my legs. Every cool breath I take is in time with my stride. My ponytail swings to the pace of my feet. It is just me,

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