Sweet Sixteen Essay

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“Sweet Sixteen” It can be difficult to break the social inheritance, when you are a young teenager that comes from poor economic and social settings. These teens often feel social alienated and are more likely to be very rebellious or criminals. Each person’s social inheritance varies greatly depending upon the era and the socio-economic situation of the teenager’s family. I believe that it is very challenging for a teenager who is raised in both poor and criminal families to climb up the social ladder and abandon their social inheritance. The movie Sweet Sixteen gives us an insight to these social challenges. It shows us the realities in the Scottish community. Here we meet Liam, who is a young boy in his teen-age and who is raised in a family where drugs are a big part of the everyday life. Liam comes from poor social settings. He lives in a gritty and dismal Scottish town with his cantankerous grandfather and cruel drug-dealing stepfather, Stan, while his drug-addicted mother, Jean, is in prison. This is a town where both unemployment and crimes are widespread and little hope is available to the city’s youth. Instead of going to school, he spends his time with his friends defying the police all day. Liam and his friends live on the edge of the society. His only connection to a more privileged world is his sister, Chantelle. Chantelle is the only sign of hope in the film. Despite the fact that she became mother in a young age, she tries to improve her own situation by having a reasonable job. However, Liam is different compared to his friends. Even though Liam is involved in some criminal activities, his character is still sweet and fundamentally kind. He is shy as well as iron-willed, he has an extraordinary charm and wit. Like his sister, Liam is not satisfied living in the poor Scottish community. He wishes to start a new life with his mother, Jean,
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