Sweet Corn: Production, Distribution, Consumption Essay

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Corn: Production, Distribution, Consumption The history of corn is focused primarily around building an agrarian society. Corn was used to build families, communities and ultimately a country. Since then, corn’s place in society has changed dramatically. Corn is no longer a small operation owned by family farms in America. The change is undeniable. Thomas Capehart from the USDA speaks clearly of this change in a research article released in 2009 when he wrote, “The United States is world’s largest producer and exporter of corn” (Capehart, 2009). However, he speaks predominantly of manufacturing types of corn like Dent. So what about sweet corn? In the United States, sweet corn has become a staple of small town, old time American culture, connecting consumers to local America, rather than the globalized country. A very common picture illustrating American cultures connection to sweet corn A very common picture illustrating American cultures connection to sweet corn The first step in creating the connection between sweet corn and local America is production. Production is the point of origin; the origin of the product must reflect local culture for the connection to be made. Michael Orzolek from Pennsylvanian State University detailed sweet corns nature for local production, writing “Sweet corn is a crop that lends itself well to small and part- time farming operations. Initial investment is relatively low, and many field operations, such as land preparation, planting, and harvesting, can be custom hired” (Orzolek, 2000). Sweet corn is not only a low cost and small time product, but it can be grown nearly everywhere in the United States. Wen-fei Uva from Cornell University wrote in a scholarly report in 2010 that “major sweet corn production states include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and Oregon” but sweet corn is also “produced in the Northeastern United

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