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Swedish Immigration to America Sara Harris ETH/125 December 11, 2011 Karen Gengle Swedish Immigration to America Dear Diary, My family and I are leaving my home country of Sweden today in search of better opportunities in the Americas. Sweden is a beautiful place I hate to be leaving; we have different countries around us. The beautiful country is located on the eastern half of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. In addition it is shared with Norway to the west and north, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to the east, Poland, Germany, and Denmark to the south. My father is in search of better economic conditions and the chance to have his own farm. His biggest hope is for all of us to have a better life. We traveled…show more content…
After all, we already share with the Americans a common religious and social heritage as well as a common linguistic base (Countries and Their Cultures, 2011); because of this it was extremely easy for us to become Americanized. Even as we find ourselves becoming more like those already here, we still seek to retain some of our traditions of our homeland. We may have left to seek a better way of life, but we still want our children and grandchildren to know where they come from. It has been easy for my people to make friends here especially with those from Denmark, Norway, and Finland as we already have much in common. It has been easy to even find friendships with those from Eastern-Germany; there have been very little occurrences of discrimination to my people. Even making friends with those that have been in America for many, many generations has been easy to do; we seem to blend in with ease. My people still speak Swedish for the most part, but I can see the younger people (as I want to do) seeking to switch to the English language. Although we are few compared to others, we have not come across many people that do not accept who we are. We are lucky in that we have found it easy to enmesh ourselves into this society and become one of them without much difficulty. I and my family have found that our emigration here has been the best and hardest choice we have ever made. Reference Countries and Their Cultures. (2011, Summer). Retrieved from

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