Sweatshop Labor Practices. Essay

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Sweatshop Labor Practices. Angel A Montaz PHL/320 27 April 2015 Laura Lewis Sweatshop Labor Practices Sweatshop labor is something we hear a lot too often in the TV, social media, and at work on the Human Trafficking training. Sweatshop is defined by the United States ARMY and the Department of Labor as company that breaks several human and Federal laws. Sweatshops are inhumane, companies force people on false pretended promises to work in unsafe, unsanitary, and harsh conditions for low or not wages. They usually use children, woman, and old people as well. Companies make millions each year off of sweatshop labor or unfair labor practices. Sweatshop Labor Practices In today economy the consumers demand have a lot of influent on the company's business decision because the demand on the product is high and some corporation in order to increase profit and lower cost to compete with others companies are using sweat shops. It sad that consumers still buy into the product regardless that it is made in such a dangerous environment where a lot of human beings lose their lives. There were an approximate total of 1,500 sweat shop garment worker deaths in 2012. However, companies are still using sweat shops because it does not affect the consumer’s choice to buy their product, their prices are decreased, and they are selling more products. I believed that some corporation ethical perspectives guide on their ethical decision making plan are not what they preach on black and white this corporations priority is base on the number of their profits. They have a responsibility to society to perform in a responsible manner. Corporate social responsibility processes can be favorable to the brand image of a corporation so being socially responsible does not have to work against the business's commitment to its shareholders. Organizations can change how they do business

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