Sweat and Sour Essay

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1:00-3:50 M-TH Sweet and Sour “Intoxicated by My Illness” Starts off very depressing. Anatole Broyard writes about an older man who is diagnosed with cancer. He talks about how life is so precious and it can taken away so fast. He talk about how Fabulous this hamburger, because he is noticing the little thing in life that we take for granite. Broyard’s writing is so descriptive it makes this essay real and relatable. This essay would considered creative nonfiction form writing. It’s about the time you have left on your clock. Knowing that death is so near, helps you realize our special our world is. It brings the beauty out of the minuscule things in life. How you look at the things you thought were bad but see the good out of it. Anatole Broyard is someone who probably stops and smells the roses from time to time. We can assume that Broyard is someone who would be camping in the summer, sending time with nature. I believe that Broyard is someone you would find working outside getting a little bit of dirt on his hands. He seems like well educated man. This essay makes me appreciate all the thing I have in live. Weather its from my cell phone or the roof that over my head. I would want to talk to Broyard about how he views live and what made him think about writing this essay. Thins essay also makes me think how all my hard times aren’t really that bad. It’s like finding the silver lining in everything weather good or bad. I also really like the title, “Intoxicated by My Illness”. This means that he is drunk over his illness that’s killing

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