Swearing on the Bible Essay

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Swearing on the Bible The practice of swearing on bible in a court room setting has been a part of the American legal system for a long time. Although we are suppose to be a country that has separation of church and state, it is ironic to me that this practice which clearly violates the secular status of our courts is still around. I have always found swearing on the bible a bit problematic; it is not so much the fact that everyone are asked to swear on a bible regardless of their belief or disbelief, but the mere injection of religion into a court room that is supposed to be free from all religious boundaries. Another aspect of being under oath through swearing on the bible that contradicts common sense in my opinion is the fact that one can get charged with the offence of perjury by the state if one lies while under oath; if the oath was taken by swearing on the bible, one would assume that one is sworn to God or a supreme authority, which should not be an agent of any state. Moreover, the practice of swearing on the bible or taking an oath in general suggests that if you don’t swear on the bible it is okay to lie. We have seen this in congressional hearings where state officials have been relieved from the need of swearing on the bible before their testimonies only to allow them to “lie” when it comes to facts that would have an effect on national security. It would be much more practical in my opinion to inform people that they would be prosecuted if found lying in the court of law or a similar setting. This way, we would abolish the religious infusion into the legal system, respect those from other religions and nonbelievers, served the same purpose of swearing on the bible, and ensured that justice would be

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