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Summary: This was my summary of the book, The Trumpet Of The Swan, by E. B. White. Louis was a Trumpeter Swan that could not make any swan sounds. His father promised to help Louis somehow. Sam Beaver was an 11-year-old boy that loved nature and he made friends with the Louis’ family. He brought Louis to his school, where Louis learned to read and write. Louis was happy that he could communicate with humans by writing on a chalk board. When Louis grew up, he fell in love with a beautiful swan named Serena. Serena does not like Louis because he couldn’t make any majestic swan sounds. Louis’s father, the old cob stole a brass trumpet from a store so Louis could learn to communicate with other swans. Louis was determined to become a real trumpeter and pay off his father’s debt. He practiced a lot, and soon he could play the trumpet beautifully. Louis was offered many jobs. He held jobs as a camp bugler, a guide for the Swan Boat, and a musician in a nightclub. While he was in Philadelphia, Serena was blown into the Philadelphia Zoo by a storm. When Louis played his trumpet for her beautifully, she immediately fell in love with Louis. Serena became Louis’s mate. Together, they went back to the Red Rock Lakes. Louis gave all the money that he earned from his jobs to his father, the old cob. The old cob risked his life to give the money back to the storekeeper. The money was enough to pay for the damage and the trumpet, and the storekeeper donated the rest of the money to the Audubon Society. The old cob returned safely home. Serena then flew with Louis to where Louis was born. There they raised their children, and they lived happily together for the rest of their

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