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Swan Lake For my video report I decided to write about the production, Swan Lake. Throughout out the entire production I took great notice of how each movement by every character was thoroughly completed. As mentioned in my journals I chose relaxation as one of my personal goals. I chose this broad topic because the others goals I have for myself all tie into relaxing while dancing. When a dancer relaxes, he or she is able to breathe more, which helps prevents the dancer from tensing. When he or she exhales the dancer is able to go deeper into the movement, he or she is also able to extend for that extra count before completing that move and proceeding to the next one. This asset of every dancer in The Swan Lake showed me they all were highly experienced dancers. As Tom Welsh stated in Conditioning for Dancers, "Trained dancers learn to relax muscles not needed for specific movements (pg 8)." In the production I had seen many phrases where the dancer needed to preserve as much energy as possible. For example, when Odette (Swan Lake) has to do about thirty two pirouttes she had to have a relaxed body or else possibly her spotting would have gone wrong or it would have be harder to continue on pointe each time. I see that selective relaxation of muscle groups is important to achieving certain movement qualities. I say that because there are times when more muscle group involvement is necessary, whereas sometimes you will barely need momentum so less muscle involvement is needed. It is also apparent how graceful these dancers are. In order to be graceful the dancer has to be relaxed. In order to be graceful the dancer can not chop through her moves but instead use his or her plies'. When the characters are relaxed he or she was able to go deeper into their moves to complete the counts which showed their fluidity and musicality as well. The first act was a display of

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