Swamp Tiger Essay

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The tigers are carnivores, they are members of the Felidae Cat Family, Panthera big cats genus and the species of p.tigris and the sub-species of p.t.tigris. The sawmp tigers are mainly found in the coastal mangroove swamps in the sundarban's constantly changing forest of bay of bengal. They live in a semi-aquatic area .To survive here they have to adopt themselves to the temperature changes. They do not sweat, but they do panting to balance thier temperature inorder to maintain the equilibrium. It is very hard for them to keep their tempertaure. The tigers are 1.4 to 2.8 metres in length and its tail is 60 centimetres to 1 metre long. They weigh upto 220 kilograms. The eyesight of the tigers are seven times better the human eyesight. They can recognise humans by smell. They are very aware of the noises around them. They check every noise. They belong to the different social groupings. So they have different facial markings from any other tigers. It takes 4 to 5 years for the males to reach their sexual maturity and 3 to 4 years for the females. Females can give birth to 1 to 6 or usually 3 or 4 cubs at a time. Their life span is approximately 13 years. The mother with cubs to feed will hunt at any time, day or night. They move completely without any sound taking the other preys to surprise. They can eat upto 40 kilograms of food per meal. It takes 8 months before they can hunt for another food. By that time they get exhausted. They drink salt water from the creek that is how they devolp to eat human flesh. The success mainly depends on patience and

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