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For years, there have been rumors of a mystical creature that roams the swamps of the southern United States. The tale has been passed down and transformed over the years, captivating listeners both young and old. The truth behind it has been debated for countless years, but one thing is for sure: the legend of the Swamp Thing is one of the longest enduring urban legends known to man. The night of July 13, 1499 was a typical southern summer night for a group of Spanish explorers that were part of Christopher Columbus’ secret fifth voyage to the New World that he discovered seven years earlier. After a long day of trekking through the dense, waterlogged swamps of what are now south Louisiana and Mississippi, seven travelers decided to set up camp on a small ridge. Around 10 p.m., one of the men woke up to take care of his business. When he got to the bottom of the ridge, he saw a figure standing in the water about 20 feet away from where he was. Thinking it was one of his fellow explorers, he jokingly threw a stick at the thing standing there. The figure let out a loud, awful, high-pitched shriek unlike any that a human could ever make. This wakened the others and, and they quickly jumped up to watch as their friend was viciously mauled to death by this strange beast. Mortified to wait for what happened next, they all ran through the water and mud like it was flat ground in a rush to get as far away as possible from whatever that creature was. The next morning, the remaining men headed back to their ship, just off the coast of modern-day Biloxi, Mississippi. One man, who also happened to be a skilled artist, drew a detailed sketch of the beast he had seen the night before. It stood six and a half feet tall, had long, tangled hair that was stained several shades of green from a lifetime in the rotten swamp waters, and had fierce red eyes that shot like laser beams.

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