Swallows of Kabul Essay

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Lemuel Turner Ms. Young WLC Period 8 10 November 2012 Swallows of Kabul Essay In the book, Swallows of Kabul, by Yasmine Khadra, it follows the society of Kabul and generally explains how people manage and live through the heavy policies set by the merciless Taliban. Many characters are introduced in the book but is mainly narrowed down to a couple of characters and as the book begins to focus on these characters, the details and emotions of everyday life become more detailed and sharp. The impact of roles assigned to men and women affect more than just the way men and women are looked at and their positions of power in society. By examining the harsh and merciless policies and rules of the Taliban set upon the people, it is evident that it goes beyond just a political change, illustrating that the social and public traditions of Kabul are also transformed. One of the hardest obstacles for society in Kabul was the changing of public ways and a somewhat deformed sense of right and wrong, in most of society’s opinion. Mohsen knows the rules that the Taliban have set for women in public in Kabul, but Zunaira is not quite sure he completely understands, it makes her feel like “[She’s] neither a human being nor an animal, [she’s] just an affront, a disgrace, a blemish that has to be hidden" (Khadra 78). Contrary to popular belief, Zunaira thinks that it’s ridiculous to be forced to wear a burqa when going in public which would results in the heavy emotions and thoughts expressed in the quote. The role that women have in public impact Zunaira in the way that she feels like she is nothing, that she is invisible and is less than a stranger. It installs the thought that she and all women are an embarrassment in public and that the Men/Taliban are ashamed so they hide their faces with burqas in order to suppress them until they feel and are seen as nothing. Even
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