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Compare/Contrast the systems of governments that developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt between 3000-700 BCE Thesis: Although Mesopotamia and Egypt were both ruled like city states, grew up in river valleys and were ruled like a theocracy and monarchy, Mesopotamia believed gods weren’t on the human’s side while Egyptians worshipped their pharaoh, a human god. Also, Mesopotamia constantly was conquered by different groups while Egypt stayed fairly undisrupted. Paragraph 1: Mesopotamia and Egypt both had leaders who ruled the people “through the power of god.” * People of Egypt believed in the Pharaoh and he had the power to make the rivers swell up and had the ability to make the sun rise every day during the old kingdom (2800-2200 BCE) * Ruler of Sumerian state in Mesopotamia made everyone believe that it was what god wants when he creates social and gender hierarchies and made them listen to what he says by giving validation of god. * These are both forms of monarchy AND theocracy as the city states are ruled by a king who is given “power by the gods”. * Both civilizations were city-states which turned into territorial states around 2000-1500 BCE * Both civilizations were controlled by the same type of government because they needed someone to put order in a growing society, and would either credit or put blame on the gods depending on the season. Mesopotamia had a bit more pessimistic view of the gods while Egypt had a cleaner and more hopeful outlook as their life had more stability. * However, Egyptians believed gods were there to help them while Sumerians thought gods were to destruct humans. Paragraph 2: Egypt believed in a more hopeful outlook while Mesopotamia didn’t thinking that the gods were partying at the human’s expense. This is because… * Egypt had more security leading them to not be as highly militarized and have more

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