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It is probably the most overused term in our community today. Many teenagers who strive to be popular mix this phrase into their quotidian verbiage and speech. It is defined as the way in which someone presents himself or herself. It is not in any way a "word" with a positive connotation or a negative connotation and that is because it is not even a word at all. It is the bane of many English III AP teachers. Likewise, to me, the term "swag" represents the decline of social conversation and should not be uttered anywhere near any self-respecting logophile. To gain insight into the infamy of this horrid language, one must look at what it is not good for. What follows are examples some of the miscues, the social faux-pas if you will, that are associated with the usage of the term "swag." For example, one should not use "swag" as a response to an Algebra teacher's mathematical problem. For one, "swag" is not even a number. Furthermore, the person who uses it in that manner distinguishes himself or herself as one of the more dull-witted people in the class. One should not utilize "swag" even in the classic context into which it is often fitted, which is the justification of one's attire and social presentation. One should not defend the wearing of blue clown-sized shoes, polka dotted shirt, neon green jeans, and a Charlotte Bobcats snapback by saying "I dressed like this because I felt like turnin' on my swag today." This situation could end in one of three ways if he or she is walking with me. The first one involves me walking away, never to be seen again for the rest of the day. In the second situation, I would comment, "Dude, I don't think you or your swag should have walked out of your house this morning." Either that or I would wear a paper bag over my head while walking next to the badly dressed individual. This is the very definition that is emphasized within

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