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I, Thomas Jefferson, believe that the perfect government is one that does not infringe upon individual rights. I also Believe that religion should not be apart of government and that it should stay separate and people should have freedoms when it comes to what religion they follow and worship. I was once believed that government should help out in everyone’s lives, but after growing old and realizing that certain types of governments can and will be oppressive it is hard to be the same person. Now that I have finalized my thoughts on religion and government I hope to relay these ideals to you in a concise and organized way. The ideal government to me is one that is not too intrusive to individual freedoms. I coined the phrase, “all men are created equal,” and what makes this phrase so essential to my beliefs is that every person deserves equal freedoms. Every person is equally entitled to “ Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happyness.” These are god given rights to each citizen of the United States of America. One can look at the tyranny that happened under King George and see how this must be avoided in the effort to create a perfect government. To avoid this tyranny the power must be spread and decentralized. No one man can be controlling the country on his own. The government requires many leaders that come from different backgrounds to work together and make the government more effective. The powers of the government should be limited, especially when it comes to the federal government’s power. States should have power over the federal government to prohibit the federal government from taking over and creating a monopoly of power. In the end the individual should have rights and power. Not only are all men created equal, but they remain equal throughout their lives, equally capable of love as an attractive force. One day I hope to see a future where men are

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