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He slips on Nike high-top socks that fit into athletic brand high-top shoes or vans. Khaki colored shorts with a dark shirt and all topped off with a sport team flat bill, stickers still placed on both sides of the bill. He has “swag” or that’s what he likes to think. Since when has swag become an actual word? Yes it is an abbreviation of “swagger,” however along with the shortening of the word, the meaning somehow changed as well. Swagger is used similarly to “class”, and usually refers to an older age group, but now swag is carelessly used to describe almost everything. Our language would be much better without the use of this word or with reverting back to its original meaning and spelling. Swag pertains to the new style amongst most teens and even entails their personality as well. Now there’s nothing wrong with dressing as such…to an extent. Although the description of how it looks should be better, “swag” is simply too vague. In extent to being loosely used, swag almost always describes, for a lack of a better term, “D- bags”. People who hold themselves with “swag” inevitably have an immense chip on their shoulder and the mindset that they are better than others. We've all been stopped at a cross walk and a group of teenagers, all dressed with “swag”, lollygagging across the road as if you weren't even there. Their complete lack of attention to detail or events occurring around them makes for an annoyingly rude epidemic that can be averted. This is where the definition of swag encompasses more than just a certain look, but an attitude. If the word swag was banished from our vocabulary the inherent desire to be described as such would vanish and our society would thrive. No more vague descriptions, no more attitudes, no more swag. Now doesn't that just sound so nice? No longer would all the “old fogies” be hating on the douchey teenagers who care about no

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