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Swag- social hip, urban slang word for possessing a ‘cool’ demeanor and sort of arrogant persona of one’s self yet normally based off today’s superficial values. This is the correct definition of swag. Swag to me is based on how much you achieve. If you have achieved a lot you have the most swag. For example, if you take Mr .Campbell. He has graduated from high school and has graduated from college with a bachelor's degree. He is now a physical education teacher. So, Mr .Campbell has lots of swag. I should be in SWAG because I would be perfect for this program. You should choose me for SWAG because I will make a big impact on the school, become an elite member of SWAG, and I will make more students want to achieve so they can be in SWAG one day and be an elite member,too. I will make a big impact on the school and inspire other students to do great too. Once I am in SWAG other students will realize this and might want to achieve like me and try to be in SWAG. While in SWAG I will let younger students know that it doesn't matter what age you are to become a leader. Also, I will become an elite member of SWAG. I have a great GPA and can really speak for the students to make this school better. I could take ideas and listen to the students. These could make major changes and make the whole school a better place. So, not only will I be perfect in SWAG but, while I am in SWAG I will make the whole school a better place to learn in. I'm not a bad student so behavior isn’t a problem with me. You won't even have to worry about teachers coming to report bad reports to you. I already participate in band and basketball so I am quite occupied so I wont get into trouble. I will also become an elite member of SWAG because I will prove to you that I work my hardest to achieve my expectations then go to achieve people's expectations of me that strive for

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