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Suze Orman: The Money Class American Dream. American Dream is not only for Americans and as an individual who’s not a resident of America I will honestly say that I, like most of the Filipino population does, have my own American Dream. Why not? The word America itself holds a lot of promise- new life, new city, new opportunities. For an average Filipino citizen they would think that being able to land a job in America would be the answer to all their financial problems, that it will help them provide for their family and their future family but The Money Class is not a book that will put your American Dream on top of the mountains, for me The Money Class is a big slap on my face that my American Dream is long dead, if ever I will have the opportunity to go there and relinquish my American Dream I reckon it wouldn’t be as…show more content…
Suze Orman started the book with the death of the American Dream, you’d think it’s actually funny how she started the beginning of a book with a dead dream but along with that she also stated the New American Dream. The rebirth of a dream. The book is not about death, it’s about letting go of the past and starting anew. And for us to start again, for us to rebuild that dream we have to believe in ourselves that we can do it, and that’s what Orman have kept on doing from chapter one. She taught us things that we think we know but really don’t; she made us face things that we are in denial of. The Money Class is a book that will pull our eyes open and away from the unrealistic American Dream. This is our American Dream now, it’s dead and we have to rebirth it by being responsible individuals who stand in the truth, individuals who are not living in falsehood. The Money Class is a book that doesn’t only teaches us about how to handle financial matters, but it is also a book that teaches us to take care of ourselves because we are the only ones who are capable of taking care of ourselves better than anyone else will ever

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