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VISHUAL TAINNING 1. Knobbed Cylinders Knobbed Cylinder Block 01 Materials Knobbed Cylinder Block 01 Small mat Presentation ▪ Teacher invites the child to do the activity and she asks the child to lay the mat on the floor in preparation to the activity “Mary, today we are going to work with Knobbed Cylinder – Block 01. Can you please unroll the small mat on the floor?” ▪ Teacher takes the child to the shelf and shows him how to carry it to the mat. ▪ Child carries the knobbed cylinder to the mat and sits on the floor. ▪ Teacher sits on the dominant hand side of the child. ▪ She tells the child “Watch me and you can have your turn” ▪ She takes the largest cylinder out and put on the mat in front on the Knobbed Cylinder ▪ She takes the smallest cylinder and places it in the right side of the largest cylinder ▪ She points her index finger from the largest to the smallest to let the child know that he will working from the largest to the smallest cylinder ▪ She returns the cylinders back to the socket ▪ Now she removes all the cylinders from left to right placing them randomly on the mat ▪ Once all the cylinders have been removed she will returns cylinders back in to the sockets from the largest to the smallest ▪ Once she had completed the activity, she invites the child to do the activity, “Mary would you like to have your turn now?” ▪ Once the child finished the activity teacher conclude the activity “Mary, today we have worked with the Knobbed Cylinder Block 01. Feel free to work with it. Shall we return the materials back?” Control of error ▪ The cylinder will fit in to it’s right socket ▪ The child visually recognize his mistakes

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