Sustainable development & future of modern civilization

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Sustainable development & future of modern civilization ‘Man is small, and, therefore, small is beautiful.’ This is what Fritz Shumacher said in 1973 when speaking about sustainable development and economy. His book ‘Small is beautiful’ had a dramatic impact on ethics of nation’s economy, sustainable development and our environment in the context of modern infrastructure. It was his ideas on small, elegant, and local economy that became the catalyst in formation of numerous environmental groups and Green parties. Governments, institutions and private companies were summoned to develop ‘greener’ and more sustainable technology for our infrastructure and our global environment at large. And today as the eco-worry clock continues to tick, the sustainability debate has never been more crucial. The quest for global solutions to environmental problems and sustainable infrastructure has never been more rigorous. The state we are in today Over the past centuries, developments in building construction, transportation, materials sciences, water and sewage technologies have helped to improve the health and quality of life of millions of people around the world. However, this unprecedented growth of urban society has not been without consequence. The surface of the Earth and its atmosphere are being irrevocably changed. Natural resources are depleting faster than ever. The ozone layer is being damaged and it is argued that the excessive CO2 gases discharged into the atmosphere is the culprit for global warming. Earth’s oceans, rivers and water springs are being polluted and the waste produced due to human activities has left big wounds and nasty scars on the face of our planet. It is becoming clearer that the survival of all living species, including humans is under threat. Although the population of Earth is expected to increase by over 80
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