Sustainable Development Essay

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Introduction The Earth is facing severe environmental degradation. Years of resource exploitation and pollution have caused environmental problems and their effects are being felt the world over. It has been estimated that if the world’s population reaches between10-11 billion than 5 more Planet Earths would be needed to maintain the present level of ecological decline. 20% of the world’s richest countries consume 80% of the world’s natural resources. The environmental use in some countries is already unsustainable. Technology has allowed the world to cope with agriculture and an increasing population however the FAO expects a long term decrease in food production (Alexandratos 1988) 800 million people are affected today by hunger and malnutrition, the FAO claims that 650 million of these people will still be in the same situation by 2010. The world does produce enough food, often it is the distribution process that causes problems. This situation of food distribution is caused by poverty, war and natural disasters. Genetically modified organisms could be a key factor in improving the quality and quantity of the world’s food supplies and help sustainable development. Intensive agriculture and lifestyles create an unsustainable world. All types of farming have a negative impact on the environment, soil erosion, leaching and the effects of irrigation for example. Perhaps genetically modified foods are the answer. In this essay I am going to assess whether genetically modified organisms can help the goal of sustainable development. What is SD Sustainable development is both a scientific and social concept and requires an interdisciplinary approach. It should offer socio economic development which can run indefinitely without exhausting natural resources or affecting natural systems with pollution for today’s and future generations. Sustainable development

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