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Sustainable Development Essay

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National Strategies for Sustainable Development of Caribbean Small Island States -- From Vision to Action
Identification of the Case
Sustainable development is a multi-dimensional concept that rests on the pillars of economic, social, cultural, political and environmental sustainability. Partnership arrangements with leaders in governments and civil society including NGOs, educators, the media, business, fishing, agriculture, etc. are essential to sustainable development in order to draw on the broadest base of expertise and to strengthen commitment to action.
In the Caribbean, sustainable development presents unique challenges because of the small island context in which development occurs. In this context development requires making decisions that seek to achieve a balance between the finite carrying capacity of small island ecosystems and the need to achieve economic growth to meet the aspirations of present and future generations.
The Initial Situation
Sustainability of the environment in the Caribbean is critical to the economies of the small island states that make up the region. Tourism, the economic engine of the islands, as well as their agriculture, fisheries, water supply, and recreational activities are all intricately linked to environmental sustainability.
The traditional response to environmental issues is policies, programs, and institutions that attempt to compartmentalize issues and address them one by one. We now recognize that environment issues cannot be treated in isolation but must be addressed in a manner that ensures they are an integral part of all planning and decision making. Strategies were needed to ensure a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability and to infuse environmental considerations into planning and decision making of government and all sectors of civil society.
The Reform Process
The Caribbean Conservation Association (CCA) through its CIDA funded Natural Resource Management for Sustainable...

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