Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainable development is the process of maximizing the use of available resources in order to ensure the long-term wellbeing of present and future beneficiaries. Sustainable development is a continuous progress, which aims for and maintains a constructive state of living in society as preserved by social institutions and systems (Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz, Wiesner & Creed, 2010). Sustainable development also entails economic sustainability, social sustainability and cultural sustainability. People need a large amount of clear and concise information to comprehend the downsides of the linear production paradigm and the benefits of the circular cradle-to-cradle approach (Doppelt, 2003). Like any intervention covering the society, and more because human communication itself is complicated, development communication can become complicated. The complications increase when we deal with diverse societies over a large area, such as India; when we try to change behavior of the recipients and in the process bring in many types of media / persuasive skills; and when the ground realities do not allow results to reach the target audience, i.e. there is disconnect between the ground realities and messages (Servaes, 1991). Cultural factors including local rituals and mores, nuances of language, gender perceptions, affect the reception of messages and their impact. The success of communication will, therefore, depend on the credibility of the messenger, the simplicity and directness of the message, and its location-specificity. This aspect assumes more significance when we communicate in complex societies (Mefalopulos & Grenna 1991). Sustainability brings with it its own language and definitions; ones that communication professionals must be fluent in (Mefalopulos & Grenna 1991). If not, any messages are likely to be buried underneath the mountain of words heading in the

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