Sustainable Business Essay

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International Business Management Sustainable Business In 21st Century INTRODUCTION The term sustainability denotes that living/withstanding for long period. It is essential thing in today’s business world whether organisations are purely following ethical concepts to prolong their business activities which help to maintain proper improvement in business development and to get good image among the people for ever. “with a generation, sustainability will be a word with the same transformational potential as liberty, equality, and justice.” (Arizona State University) Sustainability is concerned with meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Dung K. Nguyen and Stanley F. Slater) Sustainable enterprises search for a “sweet spot” where harmful social and environmental impacts are minimized, and an adequate rate of return is realized( Dung K. Nguyen and Stanley F. Slater ). Sustainability isn’t just a corporate buzzword, it’s a necessity. In today’s business environment, “garbage” isn’t simply worthless refuse to be disposed of anymore. It often represents a material with monetary value. The human population is using up about 30 percent more natural resources in one year than the earth can regenerate. Because business constitute half of the world’s largest economies, there can be no sustainability without sustainable businesses (Scott G.Mcnall, James C Hershaver, George Basile From Business Of Sustainability). Sustainability is ensuring a good quality of life to everyone. Development is usually defined principally in terms of economic growth. Sustainable development needs to take account of the wide variations in the industrial and productive structures of different countries (Michael Redclift). Here is the critical evaluation of sustainable
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