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Sustainable Building Essay

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Residential Green Building- CSTM 469

Sustainability Research Project Paper

Casey Mish, Nathan Lanting

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When most people hear things like making a building “green” or making a building sustainable and energy efficient, they tend to think of new buildings being constructed to be “green”. While it is true that a lot of new buildings being built today are doing so with sustainability and “green” in mind however this is not the whole story. Currently today there areis over 200 million built structures in place. Many, if not most, of these buildings were constructed a long time ago when sustainability and energy efficiency were unknown conceptsterms that have not even been an idea yet to someone.. These old buildings are extremely inefficient and use massive amounts of energy. What about these structures? While building a couple new buildingss here and there   that are “green” helps a little bitbenefits the environment greatly, the main problem is what haswe already beenhave built. This is the main issue we need to be concerning ourselves with and addressing before we hastily use up precious natural resources to build new propertiesthings. This is why taking the current built environment we have and retro fitting it and updating it to make it much more energy efficient is the smarter of the two. Adaptive rReuse is just what it sounds like. It is taking what we havegot and redoing it. In this paper Wwe will explore will cover exactly what adaptive reuse is, some of its benefits and downfalls, aAdaptive rReuse programs, and finally some case studies of projects that have successfully been reused.


Adaptive Reuse is a term that would be foreign to most people who are not in the construction industry. It is a fancy term that simply means to take a current building and update it so that it can be reused or used for another purpose. The most common...

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