Sustainability in Packing Essay

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Sustainable Packaging Individual Paper The context In today’s business world when many companies are always searching for that next source of competitive advantage, a lot of emphasis is given to achieving the best supply chain efficiencies so that not a single opportunity of gaining an edge is wasted. This opportunity may be found anywhere in the supply chain and therefore playing on the competitiveness of the supply chain has become a major source of advantage for many firms today. After Kaizen and Just in time production systems companies have increasingly found sustainable supply chains to be a definite benefactor so as to gain an edge over competition. But global companies have increasingly found it difficult to inculcate sustainable practices over the entire supply chain for reasons varying from geography to efficiency. So companies have to do tradeoffs and many are choosing to favor sustainable supply chains over resource efficiencies. Sustainable packaging Product Packaging is one area that can help make supply chains more sustainable and in some cases efficient too. Many companies are focusing on product packaging strategy to have an edge over competitors by developing better supply chains through packaging innovation. Packaging is not only about the final pack for the product but it starts from product design, then packaging logistics and finally environmental concerns. Although the first two elements, design and logistics, have been of concern for more than a decade now, the environmental concerns have come into focus only in the recent past. The primary function of packaging is to protect the product so as to avoid losses along the supply chain to the final consumer. But in satisfying only this function packaging has created a lot of waste all the world. Huge landfills filled by plastic waste due to nondegradability and excess waste due to use of

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