Sustainability Coca-Cola Essay

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Coca-Cola has many concerns about their company so they set out to change something’s and that set out to be their 2020 Vision, which is to have everything they want done by 2020. On of there biggest issues were how much water they use. In 2006 Coca-Cola and its bottlers used 80 billion gallons of water to produce its beverages, which is equivalent to one-fifth of the daily water usage of the U.S. About 40 Percent of that went into the final products such as Coke, Sprite, and Fanta. The other 60% was consumed by the firms supply change and in the production of ingredients, including the water-intensive process of growing sugar and corn for corn syrup. In 2009, they used 300 billion liters of water in its beverages. Coca-Cola produces a lot of wastewater, which is created in the manufacturing process and water is used for growing the raw materials such as sugar and corn. A study was done and it found out that it takes 35 liters of water to produce a half liter bottle of Coca-Cola. The agricultural ingredients used in making a half-liter used almost 80% of that total which is about 28 liters of water. I also found out that it takes one gallon of water to produce every teaspoon of sugar. A bottle of Coke contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, so it takes 10 gallons of water alone just to produce the sweeteners for the product. The second and third issues that I am going to use are energy management/Climate Protection and sustainable packing. The issue with these is that Coca-Cola Co. is trying to cut back on costs and meet sustainable needs of today and the future. The company is working fine and are just going to sustainability more is why they are focusing on these as part of reaching there goals for there 2020 Vision. Coca-Colas goal on water is to improve its water efficiency and attaining a “water neutral” status by 2020. Water neutral is about

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