Sustainability and the Millennium Goals Essay

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Review question: Try to relate the eight millennium goals for 2015 to sustainability. Topic: Sustainability and eight millennium development goals for 2015. Introduction The objective with this topic is to focus on the eight millennium goals and relate the term sustainability to the millennium goals. At first will be explained separately what the millennium goals are and also what sustainability really is. Then there will be looked for a relation between one millennium goal and sustainability. Millennium goals The millennium goals are founded by the Member States of the United Nations in the year 2000. Their aim is to accomplish several objectives in the year of 2015. The main points for these objectives are poverty, health, environment and education. There are eight millennium goals determined, all with another aspect of the main points stated earlier. The subjects of these millennium goals are similar with previous goals, the differences with the previous goals are that the new millennium goals are concrete and measurable. This is the first time that there are made international regulations for the millennium goals. Each year the progress is evaluated, in this way there can be exerted pressure on rich and poor Member States, to increase their efforts for reaching the goals. Sustainability Sustainability has become a broad term over the years. The term contains everything that relates to a socially responsible life, environment, ecology and future-oriented thinking. Often the term sustainability is defined on the basis of a theory: the three P’s: People, Profit, Planet. Besides, the fact that everyone wants to make their profit as large as possible and also wants to enjoy wealth, it is also our responsibility to take good care of the environment and less fortunate people. Otherwise the future generation will face the consequenses. For example

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