Sustainability Essay

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A sustainable management is a management that meets the needs of the present generation while not compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs. The sustainable management of rainforest environments and resources are essential as rainforests offer numerous values such as providing natural resources or mitigating climate change impacts by acting as carbon sinks. However, humans have exploited rainforests with activities such as logging or clearing them for farming. In an effort to preserve the rainforests, a lot of managements have been implemented to them and whether the management is best accomplished through an international approach or a local scale approach depends on the situation. Firstly, an international management of the Mekong Region and Mekong River that runs from southern China to Southern Vietnam has been successful and sustainable. In the region, the member countries of Mekong River Commission including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos are required to go through consultations under MRC Agreement, before they can build dams. During the period of the consultations, further research on the impacts of the dam construction on environment, biodiversity and people is conducted. This management has interfered with Laos’s development of Xayaburi Dam in Luang Prabang Rainforest located in Northern Laos by requiring the country for minimum of 6 month consultations. Therefore, the management of this region has been sustainable by meeting intergenerational equity, intragenerational equity, conservation of biodiversity as well as the Precautionary Principle. Besides, the Mekong Region involves more than one country and degradation of one segmaent would result in affecting other parts, so the management of the rainforest in this case, is best accomplished on a international scale rather than on a local scale. Secondly, the

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