Suspicious Activity Report Essay.

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The use of Suspicious Activity Reports provides a valuable resource on potentially criminal behaviors which has helped to keep this country safe over the past 10 years. 10 years is a long time and I don’t think anyone would like a replay of 9/11. All the security reasons are very valuable and reasonable. We are able to stop things in their tracks, & if it isn’t anything then it’s always better off safe than sorry. Surveillance is the best way to look over everything. It is the biggest part in security which has kept us safe for 10 years. In public places they can record or monitor the activities. Whether it would be abuse, terrorism, or anything that puts a threat to our everyday society. They will need the floor plans or blueprints of key facilities to stop things faster. If there was a bomber, it’s important to know what floor level you’ll need to go to so it will be stopped faster. Suspicious Persons are the main thing to look after, which the use of Suspicious Activity Reports has also been helping keep us safe for 10 years. There are people who appear not to belong in a workplace, neighborhood or business establishment based on their behavior, including unusual questions or statements they make. Anything they do can be life threatening to the people around them. You never know if they have a weapon on them or are out to hurt someone or a bigger group of people. Tests of Security helps with getting to the problem so they know how long it will take & the quickest way to get to the problem. It attempts to measure reaction times to security breaches or to penetrate physical security breaches or procedures in order to assess strengths & weaknesses. They will work on both their strengths and weaknesses to stop all violence that may occur. These people are trained on the daily to keep us safe. & have been for 10 years. Therefore, the use of

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