Suspense Paragraph Essay

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“Suspense Paragraph” October 3, 2012 Cold Equations Suspense Paragraph Tom Goodwin uses different methods of writing to create suspense in the story “Cold Equation” to spark the interest of the reader’s attention. When characters experience moments of doubt or confusion; or the author slows down the moment when the main character is in doubt these are methods that creates suspense. To illustrate how he uses the first method listed to create the feeling of anxious curiosity, Barton says to Marilyn, “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Why did you stow away on this EDS?” The reader becomes involved because it makes the reader wonder or want to predict what Barton is going to do to Marilyn, but also wonder why she is on the aircraft. At the beginning of the story the reader knows that the aircraft is only capable of holding a certain amount of fuel to carry the exact amount of passengers on the EDS to their destination. Marilyn goes on to explain that she just walked into the aircraft, and the reader wants to know her motives of sneaking into the aircraft. The reader later finds out that Marilyn went into the EDS to contact her brother Gerry so that she could speak with him because she had not spoken with him in ten years.”Another example of the second method would be when Marilyn says, “I just sort of walked in when no one was looking my way. Therefore, the author creates suspense by withholding vital information of what will happen to Marilyn. Thus making the reader not know she will not get a chance to meet her brother. In summary, Tom Goodwin creates suspense to enhance the readers experience and pulls the reader into the story to create curiosity and
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