'Susie Marks: A Brief Summary Univeristy'

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You Decide Susie Marks Robbie Adams Devry Univeristy Professor Hill March 21, 2013 Susie Marks ask her friend Orson for a ride to Elsewhere City Park; he dropped her off at the park and left. Susie then met her friends Jerry and his girlfriend Kate at the park. Orson was supposed to pick Susie up at 11:00 pm because that when the park closed. When 11:00p.m. came they were approached by Officer Ruthless of the Elsewhere Police department. Officer Ruthless then advised the three minors that the park was closing, and they had to leave the park. However, Orson did not come to pick up Susie Mark yet. Jerry had a very small truck, which had a camper shell on the bed of the truck. When Officer Ruthless told them that park was closing and

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