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My friend and I decided to visit Sushi Train during the lunchtime to observe how they manage the busiest time and run their business. The shop is located in the food court in Cairns Central Shopping Centre, Our visit occurred around 1:00 p.m on 22 August 2014. It was easily to find because the shop’s exterior was highly visible, attractive and more importantly, larger than any other competitors around. Apparently the shop was very busy that time with a long line and we were told that we had to wait about 10 minutes. But the waiting didn’t take that long and we got a seat fairly quickly. As we entered the shop, all staff enthusiastically greeted us with passionate Japanese "irasshaimase!” which means welcome to the shop, We could feel they were full of energy and finally a Japanese waitress guided us to the table very near the entrance. We didn't have a choice where to site since the shop was full of customers. As soon as we sat down, she offered us a drink. We just ordered two glasses of water and we asked her about the menu. According to her the menu is separated from Sushi Bar and Kitchen. The food from Sushi Bar goes to the train section and most of them are Nigiri and Sushi rolls and kitchen food are hot food “Tempura and Udon kind”. We started to pick the plates and eat. There were basically 6 different plate colors and the black is the most expensive one. The maximum plates I ate was 5 and for my friend was 4. The food was fine and fresh but the problem with the most of food was too oily or greasy. I personally consider Sushi as a healthy and light food. But here they were so Westernized and used too much mayo, sugar and deep-fried food. We couldn't stay any longer than 15 minutes, because the seats were absolutely uncomfortable, the music was so loud and the shops’ atmosphere was more like a fast food restaurant. The most critical incident was that the price

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