Susan Sontag Essay

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Arguing Essay: Regarding the Pain of Others Susan Sontag writes about photography of death, in time of war, in “Regarding the Pain of Others”. She explains that “to catch a death actually happening and embalm it for all time is something only a camera can do”. Multiple wars are talked about and how photography has played such a large part in the reality of death. Photography gives civilians a realization of wartime and death. Photography has been a part of war from The Battle of Antietam in 1862 to recent days during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan Susan Sontag writes in a Perspective form. She gives various examples of when photographs were used and when camera use went into effect during wartime. She tells of family members, fellow soldiers, and Americans viewing the photographs. This has an emotional effect on all persons involved. The story explains that photographs are possibly in a demented way a morale booster for the soldiers to see. She reports on that American military has always been photographed with he face of the soldier away from the camera as if it is almost a form of respect. When foreign military are photographed it may be at point blank range or even during the actual killing. Photography and media have had the opportunity to go where no civilian should. American citizens will have the realization of war through museums, magazines, books, and internet for as long as a war is being fought. Death will always be a part of war and a embalmed in memories for a lifetime through
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