Susan Glaspell’S “Trifles”

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Eli Pearlmuter Written Engl/Lit Studies I (ENGL-111-DLB 3) Instructor: Dr. H. EL Khalfi 02/15/2009 Essay 1-Topic: 2. Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles” is about the struggle between men and women. Argue for or against this statement. The “Trifles” play is definitely about the struggle between men and women. The struggle is being penetrably described in the play in a woman point of view. If fact, the playwright choose the 1900's period on purpose. That period had been well characterized by the opposition position between men and women. In that period, the women had been classified at the lowest class and where lacked of influence. Whereas oppositely, men where aggressive and did not compromise with their women. The plot is penetrably describe an ongoing struggle between men and women. After reading the play, I have not doubt about the woman class at that period. The play is consistent in descriptions which demonstrate the hard life of the women at that period and in the same breath the play describes the men contribution to that struggles by a continues uncompromising depress of the women. The play, as one can observe, is definitely support the fact that there where struggles between men and woman at that period. Several clear characteristics in the play emphasize that position and leave no doubts for the reader. One example is when the playwright is introducing the women at the play only in their last names what definitely emphasizing their low class. Another example is the various settings at the play. The playwright chose several settings such as the bedroom, the barn and the kitchen. The men attend all the settings and behave as the "Master" of each one of them. On the other hand, the women attend only in the kitchen which seems to be their "playground". Nevertheless, the struggle is continue and the men don't stop to abuse the

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