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Connell English 103 6 March 2013 To Buy? Or Not To Buy? As I was wandering aimlessly around Rite Aid one night, collecting a few beauty essentials, I happened to stumble upon the magazine aisle. As I stood there gazing at the bright colors and different pictures of a men, women, and families, I began to flip through a few. After scoping out some of the various magazines few short moments, I inevitably picked out my favorite magazine and began reading. But, the reading that took place wasn’t your average academic reading; it was more along the lines of skimming through the numerous advertisements and picking out my favorite products. Remembering that I had a very important essay due in English, I began to think critically about what my mind was going through when I actually looked at these different advertisements. One ad in particular that caught my eye was one of the ever so popular, Mariah Carrey. However, it wasn’t just a snapshot of her in everyday life activities, but it was an ad in which she was the model, but she was also trying to sell me something. Mrs. Carrey’s skin was glowing and perfectly angelic, a goddess with flawless skin. Her head was tilted back slightly giving the essence that she was vulnerable and open for public eyes. Her hands were gracefully holding a bright pink lollypop that was tipped into her mouth. But, the biggest thing that caught my gaze was her brown almond-shaped eyes. The look she was giving me wasn’t an innocent glance, it was one where she spoke to me, almost saying, “Hey there sweet thang, buy my perfume.” This picture was indefinitely full of sex appeal. After staring at this ad for a good few minutes, I began to start “Bordoing” it. I quickly was able to figure out the ploy of this ad, even at first glance. Mariah Carrey was using her body, glamour, and her famousness to sell me her perfume. Well, it almost worked too

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