Susan B Anthony Women's Rights Movement

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Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts in 1820. She grew up in a Quaker family, the second of eight children. Her family had been active in many activist movements. They helped develop her sense of justice and morals. Susan learned to read and write when she was 4 years old. As a child, Susan saw that girls were treated differently than boys. Susan became a teacher and earned $2.50 a week. The man before her earned $10.00 a week. In 1846 Susan became the head mistress of a school in New York. Although she liked her job, she kept thinking about how women were treated wrong. Women could not vote, own property or wear pants. Susan joined the temperance movement. People in this movement believed alcohol caused a lot of problems. Because she was a woman she was not allowed to speak at temperance rallies. Because of this she was inspired to fight for women’s rights, especially the right to vote so that they would be taken seriously in politics.…show more content…
Anthony helped establish the American Equal Rights Association in 1866 with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, calling for the same rights to be granted to all regardless of race or sex. In 1872 Susan voted illegally and was put on trial. She could not even speak at her own trial because she was a woman. She was fined $100 which she never paid. Susan never gave up fighting for women’s suffrage. She dedicated her life to giving equal rights to all people. She never got to legally vote in an election, but kept on fighting for what she believed in. She died in 1906, at the age of 86, at her Rochester home. Fourteen years after her death, in 1920 the 19th amendment was passed, giving all adult women the right to

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