Susan B Anthony Thesis Statement

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Thesis: Susan B. Anthony is still remembered today for her accomplishments, hard work, and dedication to the rights of women. Introduction I. Susan B. Anthony A. Her background B. Her accomplishments Conclusion Jessica Martin English 252 Ms. Allred March 2, 2011 Informative Essay Susan B. Anthony In society today, according to the constitution, men and women are equal. Women possess as many rights as men. Sadly this hasn’t always been the case. It was not until the early 1900’s when women were allowed to vote or hold certain positions in society. The road to equality for women was not an easy task. It took numerous courageous and intelligent women to be granted these rights. These women are known as the suffragettes. Susan B. Anthony is…show more content…
She was also put on trial and fined. She refused to pay the unjust fine which denied her chance to appeal, but was not imprisoned for it. Congress laughed at her when she gathered petitions from twenty six states and ten thousand signatures asking for passage of a suffrage movement. In territories where women had the vote, Anthony campaigned to make sure they were not blocked from joining the union (“Biography” 3). She composed and published “The History of Women Suffrage”, founded the International Council of Women, and the International Woman Suffrage Council. Anthony dedicated her life to the women suffrage movement. She smoothed the way to the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 with her accomplishments. This finally gave women the right to vote (“Susan” 2). Susan B. Anthony led the only non-violent revolution in our nation’s history. Her canvassing plan is still used in political organization today. Unfortunately, Anthony did not live to see her hard work and dedication pay off. She died on March 13, 1906, in her home in Rochester, New York. “Failure is Impossible” were her last public words (“Susan”
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