Survivor Faces Rape Without Shame Analysis

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Class 10 – Due March 22 – Survivor Faces Rape Without Shame As Kobe Bryant awaits trial on sexual assault charges, most media outlets have chosen not to identify his accuser, which is standard policy in rape cases. But one young rape survivor in Texas has identified herself, and is encouraging others to consider doing the same. The Early Show Correspondent Tracy Smith has her remarkable story. A young woman says: "My name is Bridget. I was raped and shot in this field." Because of the stigma attached, it's not often that you hear the words or see the face of a rape survivor. But Bridget Kelly is determined to get her story out. Bridget says, "There is no way that anyone is going to make me feel ashamed of being raped." What happened…show more content…
Mike Kelly says, "She couldn't speak because she had tubes in her everywhere including her nose, and her mouth, but she made a little motion with her hand like she wanted to write." Bridget continues, "And so he pulled out his reporter's notebook. And gav e me a pen." Bridget began filling the book with her thoughts that she'd been thinking about her family during the attack, and how much she didn't want to die. Mike Kelly says, "At one point, I said that her story was hitting the news." Bridget notes, "I had written in the notebook in that first conversation, 'It's OK if they say rape.'" Mike Kelly points out, "She was already thinking at that early point that she was not going to be ashamed - that she had done nothing wrong - that there was no stigma against her." It was those words: "It's OK if they say rape," that launched this father -daughter team's battle against the stigma of rape. With permission of his editors, Mike Kelly wrote a column called: "A Plea For More Openness About Rape." Bridget says, "And so that July 25 column that he wrote began, 'Now you don't have to read between the lines

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