Survivor Essay

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Survivor Has Nothing on This Just when you thought the animals were safe... we stick Mrs. Sackett on a deserted island. No, the essay prompt said nothing about this, but through innovative thinking only one conclusion can be drawn - she must be placed on a deserted island. One would also conclude to save mankind gifts of peace should be in order. Well... you’re right! I would ship over a Vera Wang dress, a tape recorder, and Dr. Scholl's Gel Insoles. So let us began with our rational, though slightly biased reasoning. If you have ever looked at the cover of Vogue you have seen various stars modeling the latest fashions. For example, Natalie Portman modeling on a deserted island. Well, we have the scenic view, why not throw in a dress? The gift of such an expensive dress could subside the anger until a later date when all inhabitants of mankind are at least 10,000 miles away. Also, it is not just any expensive dress! Vera Wang has designed dresses for Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey, and many more high-profile clients, Mrs. Sackett would be no exception. When that is not enough, only another gift will suffice. For safety reasons another gift should be shipped as soon as the first wears out. The tape recorder would have to be the next sent. It is not as much to her benefit but to others’ entertainment. Though it stands to make her a substantial amount of money, realization might not hit as she mutters random threats into it. Scientists will pay momentous amounts of money to get their hands on her tapes, it will be the first time such an isolation has been documented. Magazines around the globe will be offering up large sums of money just for the transcripts. After a while she will find the tape recorder unamusing, and useless and will be about to toss it when another gift is sent. This gift will be sent overnight by UPS, because the FedEx guys are much

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