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Surviving in Business Essay

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ENGL 121

Surviving in business

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, especially in business. Often times in a business atmosphere salesmen/women have to “always be closing”, meaning making sure the customer buys what they are offering or their job is on the line. David Mamet shows this individualism in his 1982 play Glengarry Glen Ross. I am going to focus specifically on the character of Aaronow throughout this play. He shows different qualities than Roma, Moss, Williamson, and Levene. Even though Aaronow could be classified as just the average businessman of this time, he is the only character that has honorable values because of his acknowledgment of right and wrong.
In business the pressure can be overwhelming, there is a thin line between success and failure. Pressure and competition go hand in hand. Competition is outlined throughout this play with the prizes of the Cadillac, knives, and in last place the chance of getting fired. In act one Aaronow was pressured and even threatened by Moss to steal the leads. This example not only displays competition between co-workers but also competition from one business to another. Competition is not bad in all settings except for when the moral values of honesty and trust are forgotten. As Moss was proposing the idea of stealing the leads to Aaronow, he replies, “Because, because, you know it’s a crime” (40).   The recognition of robbery being a crime shows there is some sense of caring and acknowledging that stealing is wrong. Even after Aaronow has been stepped on and taken advantage of by Moss he still has the guts to say “No” (43).   After being offered incentives like money and a better job Aaronow never commits to the crime. Acknowledgement between right and wrong is the first step to having honorable values.
In business it can be hard to clarify respect. Is it disrespectful to lie or hold information back from a customer in order to close a deal? Or is that just the job of a businessman/ woman. Aaronow...

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