Survival Story (1000 Words) Essay

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The Dark Men A short survival story. Written by Blake Aaltonen “Get back here you filthy kids!” the dark dressed man yelled. He had been chasing us for a while now, I don’t know why and I’m getting worried. Does he want to kill us? Does he want to hide us away? Will I see my parents or are they dead? Whatever he’s going to do, I won’t let it happen. “Everyone quick,” I whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear, “in here, I reckon this alleyway will provide sufficient cover for a bit.” We ducked in, moved towards the back, we all saw the green and grimy dumpster in the back. It looked okay, at least until the old hobo jumped out and grabbed Luke. He screamed and yelled, like normal. He was only 6 and I doubt he understood what was going on. As the hobo dragged him in I noticed that his rough white beard was fake! Luke was gone. We had to run, maybe there were more men hiding in the bin waiting for us. The dark dressed man saw us in the back of the alley. He charged, this time he had more men. There was only one thing we could really do. I jumped into the bin then pulled everyone else in, Rueben was a bit too small to reach and the dark dressed men grabbed him by the foot, and dragged out of the alley. He was gone, just like Luke. It was just me and Josh left. Something shuffled and our ankles were grabbed. We all began to scream and kick but there was nothing we could do. I heard Luke’s laughter and Josh yelled out as loud as he could. It was terrifying. We fell down a shaft into a foam pit. The hobo was there, with Luke too. Luke was smiling, licking and ice-cream. “Hello, my name is John. I’ll explain later but for now we have to get out of New York. I have a private jet waiting for us at the air base, a car out back will get

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